utendørs outdoors

Camilla Løw


utendørs outdoors is a monographic publication on the work of Norwegian artist Camilla Løw with a foreword by artist and art critic Sune Nordgren, an introduction by architect Alison Crawshaw, an essayby art historian and curator Lavinia Filippi and an interview with gallerist and designer Julia Muggenburg, Belmacz, London.
Published by VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst 

Design: cmk.xyz 

Printer: Druckerei zu Altenburg 

Photography: Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Will Bradley, Martin Clark, Damian Griffiths, Niklas Hansson, Jenny-Marie Johnsen, Camilla Løw, Camilla Sune, Helene Toresdotter 

Supported by Belmacz, London and Kulturradet, Arts Council Norway

ISBN: 978-3-903320-17-8

£32 + P&P


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