Trimini Rising Publication

Stano Filko, Luisa Gardini, Magdalena Drwiega

Trimini Rising is a conversation between three artists: Stano Filko (b.1937, Slovakia), Luisa Gardini (b.1935, Italy), and Magdalena Drwiega (b.1971, Poland), taking the form of both an exhibition at Belmacz, London in 2018 and this publication. The artists have each been working on - through their diverse practices - the possibilities opened up by gathering and juxtaposing elements in a playful yet nostalgic manner. The encounter between these three practices initiates an intergenerational and translocal conversation on the relationship between form and material in art over the past fifty years.

Creating an extended conversation superseding time, Lavinia Filippi has juxtaposed Hans Ulrich Obrist and Stano Filko’s historical dialogue with contemporary views by Luisa Gardini and Magdalena Drwiega on selected questions she asked them during the studio visits.

published on the occasion of the group exhibition Trimini Rising, Belmacz 2018

£18 + P&P


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