Sarah Staton

SupaStore is the ongoing artist’s shop-as-artwork of Sarah Staton variously showing and selling multiples, editions and small artwork in an array of iterations, staged across the globe.

The SupaStore Inventory 1993–2020 takes stock of all past fabulous pop-ups and celebrates its new permanent kiosk at the Nida Art Colony, Lithuania. The book tracks the extensive contributions over the decades by so many artists: from Tomma Abts to Andrea Zittel, with many others between, a roll call of contemporary artists and their participation in SupaStore, a homage to shopping, one of the last remaining public activities.







Publisher: The Everyday Press

Dimensions: 135 × 270mm, 196pp

Binding: Softback
Edition: 250 copies printed under Covid−19 conditions

First-Edition 2021
ISBN: 978-1-912458-11-0




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