Alpenglühen: 100 years of Ettore Sottsass Jr

published on the occasion of Ettore Sottsass’ 100th birthday and exhibition. This publication delves into the beginnings of Sottsass’ earlier years in Innsbruck and Turin, and his attempts at becoming an artist after serving in the Alpine Regiment during the second world war. As a designer he was convinced that objects needed to have sensuality. The Italian designer created a new genre where his creations possessed a spirit that went beyond the functional.

Alpenglühen brings together contemporary art which plays with the notion of functionalism versus the romantic, idealistic and visionary.

edition of 600.
Printed on various coloured GF Smith Colourplan paper stock and Heaven 42 135gsm coated paper

240 x 190mm

60 pages

Graphic Design: Craig Sinnamon

Print: Orphans Press

ISBN: 978-0-9926891-9-3

£22 + P&P


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