• Peacock, marginalia

    Peacock, marginalia

    £11,500 (+VAT)

Peacock, marginalia

Mikael Brkić

produced on the occasion of Beuys Open Source – our exhibition celebrating the centenary of Joseph Beuys’ birth – Mikael Brkić’s bronze statue pays homage to the Artist, man and myth, that was Beuys.


Based upon a rudimentary print made by Beuys’ teacher Ewald Mataré, this edition gives a physical form to the slang term ‘peacock’ – a term that denotes behaving in a way that draws attention. In this way, Mikael alludes to the complex nature of Beuys.

15 kg bronze
80 x 22 x 12 cm
edition of 3 (+2AP)

£11,500 ex. vat + VAT


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