Il Rondò Della Fenice live at Neue Alte Welt

Tim Berresheim

released on the occasion of Belmacz’s duo exhibition temporal Spelunking, with artists Tim Berresheim and Rechonski, Il Rondò Della Fenice live at Neue Alte Welt is a cassette recording an improv gig staged at the NRW Forum Düsseldorf on March 16, 2024.
Awake in a cafe somewhere, hearing jazz sound of mps and a familiar song interlaced into an intense Jamaican and African rhythms, now being played out in the consciousness of our cities and far beyond.  Where does the music come from?

For some reason I’m not able to identify the familiar song “Il Rondo Della Fenice.” I am wondering if it’s inside the song or coming from somewhere else.   

Fever dreams and Hypnagogic  state 

That borders I think with the concept of what is real and what is not and In this way it’s like Lucio Fulci’s the beyond “the beyond” and poetically gorgeous maybe for some

It’s like a cargo cult of our collective consciousness interweaving particle colliding again the fever dreams.   Was it a computer hacker?

There is this place that is like a recursive “happening” with the human Gaia bio computer.   It makes one look at what we call nature and trees and repeating phenomena very interesting.

This music on Il Rondo Della Fenice by Die Wait Watchers is a music that can be passively enjoyed dancing in full cold sweat zombie mode or lost in the sound at a seaside Mediterranean villa as romantic atmospheric music or something caught like a ghost signal over a ham radio- like a phantom radio station. 

Quite haunting and mysterious and so lovely.   
Can you awake from the dream?   
The scarecrow…

— The Wikid Wytch (Troy Curry – Idea Records)



Orchestration/Loops/Joué/Idée: Tim Berresheim
Synth Guitar: Andi Thissen
Guitar: Muschi Bente
Bass: Luca Mikoteit
Sax : Dr Schlüter Brust

released March 18, 2024



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