Jenny van Sommers

Prince, 2017

photograph (digitally manipulated for use as title image)
17 × 21.25cm

21 April 2018 — 16 June 2018

21 Apr 2018 — 16 Jun 2018

If I Was Your Girlfriend:

A Jam

Opening on the eve of the second anniversary of Prince’s passing, a group of contemporary artists are coming together to celebrate the musician’s extraordinary life and gift. Recognising his legacy, commemorating his songs, remembering his persona, sympathising with his eccentricities and revering his rare talent — other artists respect what this man represents. Belmacz is privileged to act as host to a group of twenty-seven international artists, who have come out to join in the jam session.


Prince Rogers Nelson, also known as The Unpronounceable Symbol, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Jamie Starr, The Starr Company, Camille, Joey Coco, Alexander Nevermind and Christopher was continuously reinventing himself; he created a musical genre of his own.


“Prince represents the inspiration of the moment, like an ode composed to capture a passing sensation. And when the mood changes, he changes with it: another good lesson.”
— Zadie Smith


Closely associated with the colour purple, despite reports of orange in fact being his favourite, the colour has become synonymous with him and is now a symbolic reference in light ever after. Known as a tireless supporter of talent, and finding it anywhere, he propelled others to stardom alongside him by empowering and uplifting them. Platforming female musicians from the very beginning, Prince stands out his industry.


Oscillating between the sexes, this musician used fashion, both the subversive and ‘glam rock’, to explore and challenge America. This was a current of genius that flowed through Prince Rogers Nelson. Various works in If I Was Your Girlfriend are probing into his image, playing on ideas of materiality and sound, with reference to his catalogue of iconic songs.


“For all of us, life is death without adventure, adventure only comes to those who are willing to be daring and take chances.”
— Prince Rogers Nelson, 1986, AMA Awards

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    Installation View

  • Anatomy of Pleasure

    Saelia Aparicio

    Anatomy of Pleasure, 2018

    epoxy resin, nscps, polypropylene, gloves, hair, shoes, masturbator
    dimensions variable

  • Composition White and Purple

    Magdalena Drwiega

    Composition White and Purple, 2017

    concrete, glass, fabric
    35 × 12cm

  • Anthony

    Nicole Miller


    single channel digital hd video
    4mins 22secs

  • In the Mood for Love

    Hanna Mattes

    In the Mood for Love, 2018

    c-print on alu-dibond
    10 × 70 cm

  • Psychic Edelweiss Mandala

    Vanessa Disler

    Psychic Edelweiss Mandala, 2018

    oil pastel, oil paint, wax, chalk, aquarelle on canvas
    50 × 40cm

  • Still from Ice Well

    Jerusha West

    Still from Ice Well, 2018


  • The Hour of the Star

    Valerie Kong

    The Hour of the Star, 2018

    acrylic, silver leaf on wood
    18 × 54cm

  • La Marquise de la Boutade

    Emiliano Maggi

    La Marquise de la Boutade, 2018

    pencil and glazed ceramic
    50 × 33 × 5cm

  • Sid

    Paul Housley

    Sid, 2018

    oil on canvas
    24 × 18cm

  • Hay hay hay the eye!

    Raphael Hefti

    Hay hay hay the eye!, 2017

    iris print on paper obtained with an offset print machine
    50.5 × 35.7cm

  • Young Fool with Tongue

    Emiliano Maggi

    Young Fool with Tongue, 2018

    lustre on glazed ceramic
    22 × 19 × 19cm

  • Kiss me baby

    Giulio Delve

    Kiss me baby, 2015

    plaster cast, concrete and lipstick
    60 × 52 × 4cm

  • Untitled

    Nicola Pecararo

    Untitled, 2017

    UV print on velvet
    60 × 40cm

  • Untitled

    Morten Skrøder Lund

    Untitled, 2018

    emulsion and inkjet ink on plastic sheets, canvas, cardboard
    28 × 20 × 4cm

  • Prince

    Jenny van Sommers

    Prince, 2018

    17 × 21.25cm

  • Untitled

    Joel Tomlin

    Untitled, 2017

    found wood, tempera, copper wire, a nail
    11.5 × 68.5 × 52.5cm

  • Nikki

    Evren Tekinoktay

    Nikki, 2015

    neon relief
    90 × 90 × 16cm

  • no 27

    Karl Monies

    no 27, 2018

    found regalia, insignia and visual signifiers from hierarchy and rank related social institutions
    63 × 77cm

  • Teeth

    Charlott Weise

    Teeth, 2015

    oil on linen
    40 × 30cm

  • Goodwill Ambassador (Parce que je la vaux bien)

    Paul Kindersley

    Goodwill Ambassador (Parce que je la vaux bien), 2016

    vinyl banner
    135 × 135cm

  • Dolphin

    Everen Tekinoktay

    Dolphin, 2018

    7.3 × 7.3cm

  • Snacko Double Neck

    Bernhard Rappold

    Snacko Double Neck, 2018

    tempera & lacquer on Finnish wood, jeans, leather, metal, piezo pickup, nails, tuners
    82 × 34 × 6cm

  • Anprobe (form.ptt. prince)

    Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger

    Anprobe (form.ptt. prince), 2018

    cotton, plastic bags, acrylic
    140 × 96 × 27cm. unique

  • My friend’s clothes

    Sarah Kathryn Cleaver

    My friend’s clothes, 2018

    2hrs 44mins

  • Untitled from ‘tacet’ series

    Guilherme Dable

    Untitled from ‘tacet’ series, 2008–11

    carbon on pape
    38 × 41cm

  • In Complete Control

    Richard Prince

    In Complete Control, 1975

    invitation card for the artist’s early solo exhibition
    10.8 × 15.6cm

  • 8 Zollstocksterne / 8 Folding-Rule Stars

    Sigmar Polke

    8 Zollstocksterne / 8 Folding-Rule Stars, 1970

    offset lithograph in colour, on tinboard
    44.5 × 28.3cm


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