1 March 2023 — 7 April 2023

1 Mar 2023 — 7 Apr 2023

Gernot Wieland:

Halb Nackt



opening reception February 28, 2023



Departing from ideas explored in his recent award-winning films, Gernot Wieland’s solo exhibition, Halb Nackt, lays bare some of the thoughts woven into his video works. Here, seemingly solid media are used to convey ideas of becoming and identity, as well as psychological methods that allow one to dwell within the naked physicality of an existence.







Gernot Wieland (b.1968, Horn, Austria), studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna before completing his Masters at the University of Fine Arts Berlin.


Through video, and other media made performative, Gernot subtly voices the complexities of living in our secular society. Through scribbly line, grainy film, and absurd presences, Gernot composes his works through a process of rag-tag blending. Here historical accounts, personal memories and speculative imaginings become complex narratives; humorous and psychologically pointed.

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