The Critics (crop)

Paul Housley

The Critics (crop)

13 March 2020 — 2 October 2020

13 Mar 2020 — 2 Oct 2020

Paul Housley:

The Poets Elbow

The Poets Elbow exists mainly in the mind of the Artist. It is a place of refuge
 and contemplation. Entrance and membership is free but few will pay the price.

It is a place for daydreamers, idealists and romantics. It’s a place of eternal optimism and impossible odds. In the mind of the Artist it could be a pub, but it could just as easily be a gallery or a museum, a library or a lonely walk.
The work begins in the Poets Elbow and that’s where it will also end.
— An imaginary pub made of shadows, glimpses and dust.

Paul Housley, February 2020


Belmacz is delighted to announce a new solo exhibition, comprising several large-scale works by London-based artist Paul Housley.


Housley recently became the proprietor of The Poets Elbow, a fictitious pub where the artist feels at home. Within this familiar setting, we are introduced to the regulars who cross the threshold. Coupling the fruits of a fierce imagination with adaptations from the canon of art history, Housley invites us to reflect on our interior worlds with vivid portrayals of various human conditions in correlation with the states of intimacy, violence and contemplation. Repeated reinterpretations of particular motifs continue to haunt his work and inhabit our subconscious.


The exhibition reflects on the phenomenon of lucidity merging with fatality as we confront our helplessness in a ‘local’ full of promise.


The Poets Elbow also takes the form of a book of sketches, published to coincide with the exhibition. It is available to purchase in our online shop


Paul Housley (b. 1964, Stalybridge, UK) Fine Art BA, Sheffield City Polytechnic & Painting MA, Royal College of Art. Recent exhibitions include Slow Painting, curated by Martin Herbert for Hayward Touring; The Player Becomes the Game, Monte Clark Gallery,Vancouver (2019) and Dice. Apple. Knife duo exhibition with Joel Tomlin, Sothebys, Stockholm (2018).
  • Paint Bores

    Paul Housley

    Paint Bores, 2020

    oil on canvas
    154 x 244 cm

  • The Poets Elbow

    The Poets Elbow, 2020

    solo exhibition, Belmacz

  • The Embracer

    Paul Housley

    The Embracer, 2020

    oil on canvas
    40 x 30 cm

  • _DSC8747-EditLR

    Installation View

  • Concrete Poem

    Paul Housley

    Concrete Poem, 2020

    oil on canvas
    13 x 10 cm

  • _DSC8755-editedLR

    Installation View

  • Dr. Louche

    Paul Housley

    Dr. Louche, 2020

    oil on canvas
    50.5 x 40 cm

  • _DSC8753-editedLR

    Installation View

  • Procol Harum

    Paul Housley

    Procol Harum, 2020

    oil on canvas
    10 x 15.5 cm

  • The Critics

    Paul Housley

    The Critics, 2020

    oil on canvas


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