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with a contribution by Abbas Zahedi. The article, Thera-poiesis, focuses on Sonic Support Group, the artists’ intervention developed in collaboration with a group of neurologists, offering his exhibition space on a therapeutic basis to frontline workers and NHS staff.


Sonic Support Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration seeking to release the innate therapeutic potential within art exhibitions for both NHS staff and frontline workers. The project is a joint initiative between Neurofringe – a group of Neurologists working in the UK who are engaged in the cutting edge intersections of neuroscience, art and society – and London based artist Abbas Zahedi. By working across disciplines, Neurofringe and Zahedi are seeking to highlight the essential capacity for care that is present in both medicine and art; whilst also addressing social binaries emerging with generalised labels such as the ‘useful’ and the ‘useless.’ In this way, Sonic Support Group intends to become a catalyst towards reimagining what it means to support one another in ongoing times of need.

  • edited diagram for steps design

    edited diagram for steps design

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