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11 October 2024 — 20 December 2024

11 Oct 2024 — 20 Dec 2024

Total Theatre ESP




opening reception Thursday 10 October, 6-8pm




The stage is bare. A landscape cut from the pines of a mind. Lights, timeless and exuding life. Backstage latent. Ready. Total Theatre ESP is Belmacz embodiment of Edward Gordon Craig; ‘Craigische vorstellung’, a Craigian imagination.


An actor, illustrator, director, a scenic designer, thinker and revolutionary philosopher in the Art of Theatre, Craig don many hats but this gaze was always attuned to the production dramatic stage. He was a doer. Restless in his search for Higher Forms of Beauty, Craig rejected the Particularities of the early 20th-century and its fancy for Realist Theatre — a tendency to impose the physical fashions of the day on a production rather than letting the formalities of the performative work abound an audience’s eye, be these action, scene or voice; embracing instead simple, severe expressions or the base characteristics of theatrical design, the figure in a space. This theatre is poetry in motion.


Direct and uncompromising, Craig, like many modernist artists, was a man with a strong perspective, “The duty of the Theatre (both as Art and as an Institution) is to awaken more calmness and more wisdom in mankind by the inspiration exhaling from its beauty” (Edward Gordon Craig, Towards a New Theatre). This vision has gone on to resonate across ages, across disciplines. Indeed, today Craig’s refusal to make plays with naive pizzazz speaks directly the current state of the world, one fettered to elaborate staging of a sociocultural life.


Total Theatre ESP leans into Craig’s search for poetic sublimity. Rather than a narrative theme, or some kind of frozen soap opera, the exhibition unfolds through a modernist meeting of artistic practices. Featuring sculpture and photography, works on and from paper as well as conceptual gestures, each artist embraces the formalities of their chosen material, allowing Higher Ideals to direct and guide.





further details and artist list announced soon

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