14 May 2020 — 12 June 2020

14 May 2020 — 12 Jun 2020

Carla Åhlander:

Learning to Read

Belmacz is delighted to announce Carla Åhlander’s solo exhibition correlating with this years Photo London.
The public library as symbol for democracy of knowledge and for freedom of information spurred Åhlander’s current project. Drawn to the aesthetics of the library, the artist’s new body of work follows her photographic series of classrooms and school gyms.

A place full of books is on many levels a contrast as well as a counterweight to the customised algorithms telling us what we want to know. An inclusive and different way of gathering information with different filters. The atmosphere speaks of a special kind of silence, people move differently, slower. Libraries are there for everybody and nobody is left out.
Carla Åhlander

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