Posted: 16 November 2018

Posted: 16 Nov 2018


“Deal-making can get emotional, which introduces irrationality (newjörg immemdorf). A good way to safeguard against impulsive decisions is to seek counsel from someone trusted (belmacz uk) and not emotionally involved. GetCreative: The best deals are creative ones. Take stock of all your resources (Maximiliane Baumgartner, Thomas Geiger, Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, Anna Hofbauer, Axel Koschier, Georg Petermichl, Stefan Reiterer, Joel Tomlin and Julian Turner), and don’t be afraid to deploy them in unusual ways (Rathausufer 12, 40213 Düsseldorf).”

16 – 18.11.18 | Private View 15.11, 7pm

Rathausufer 12
40213 Düsseldorf

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