Posted: 2 May 2019

Posted: 2 May 2019

Contemporary Orlando

with Andrea Lawlor, Paul Kindersley and Octavia Bright



Tuesday 21st May – 6.30pm


Andrea Lawlor, the US-based author of razor-sharp debut Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl discusses their novel and the inspiration they took from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography.
Chaired by Literary Friction co-host Octavia Bright, Andrea will be in conversation with artist and filmmaker Paul Kindersley, whose work was featured in Charleston’s opening exhibition Orlando at the Present Time in 2018, which explored the same themes of gender, sexuality and identity that will be discussed this evening, along with an appraisal  of the prescience and legacy of Woolf’s pioneering 1928 novel.


82 Gower Street


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