Posted: 3 February 2019

Posted: 3 Feb 2019

Ave A Cuppa Tea

Sunday, 3.2.19 | 11:30am

SKIP Gallery founders Baker & Borowski and Timberlina present an afternoon of drawing, modelling and discussing SKIP’s favourite topic: ‘Is modern art rubbish and can rubbish be modern art?’ in the window of The Corner Shop at Selfridges, London.


11:30am – Timberlina | Lee Baker | Catherine Borowski
12pm – 12:30pm – as above plus guest Paul Kindersley (SKIP artist)
1pm – 1:30pm – as above plus guest Maja Djordjevic (SKIP artist)
2pm – 2:30pm – TBC
3pm – 3:30pm – as above plus guest Ryan Lanji (cultural curator)
4pm – 5pm – as above plus Princess Julia


Selfridges Art Tank
The Corner Shop | Ground Floor
400 Oxford St, Marylebone

further details here

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