The word Belmacz was conceived by Julia Muggenburg uniting bel (the French male adjective for beautiful) and maximum. Partially it stands as a homage to the iconic 20th century jeweller Suzanne Belperron.


In 2000 Belmacz was founded by Julia Muggenburg as an umbrella under which to present her one-of-a-kind gems. Today Belmacz has evolved into an unique space in the heart of Mayfair where aesthetics of modern life are surveyed; art, in its wide variety of unlimited configurations, from past and present, is invited in.


Opposite Claridge’s in London located in two-storeys of a Regency building on Davies Street, Belmacz is the modern version of the ‘Wunderkammer’.


Offering friends and clients displays of contemporary art, ancient artefacts, objects of virtue, design and Belmacz jewels. Belmacz gallery brings an element of surprise with unexpected juxtapositions even referencing some history of fashion, architecture and exhibiting as well as inviting curators to stage shows in central London.


Through its annual program of solo and group exhibitions, and the dialogues it facilitates, Belmacz is a podium upon which emerging and established national and international artists are invited to partake and exhibit. In 2014 Julia was invited by Alex Farquharson to present her unique vision at the Nottingham Contemporary, one of the largest contemporary art centres in the UK. Resulting in the exhibition Fourth Drawer Down that reflected on the intersection between art, anthropology and Britain of the past.


Born in Germany and schooled in fine art at Central Saint Martins Muggenburg came to London 1991. She created her first jewels for herself and her need for sensuous, architectural and iconic objects. Rooted in ancient craft and traditions yet boldly contemporary, Belmacz pieces evoke a twenty-first-century take on the status-affirming ceremonial adornments worn by tribal chiefs, patriarchs and paragons of style.


Redefining universal forms such as the ring, the cuff, the earing, the necklace, Belmacz pieces are made to move by enchanting the bearer and beholder. The gems express a contemporary and refined spirit surpassing the concept of jewellery as status. Many jewels are unique and if otherwise there are never more than 8 made. The goldsmiths, setters and stonecutters are all located close to Belmacz. A Belmacz gem enhances the wearer’s sense of empowerment, sense of self, strive to have a talismanic quality and impart a tangible sense of joy.


“Empowering primeval-modern ornaments for today’s cool, intellectual, urban warrior”
— Vivienne Becker, Financial Times


“Julia Muggenburg offers art installations, exquisite antiques and her gem-flecked beauty”
— New York Times Magazine


“Needless to say, it’s a riotous display — a clamouring of ideas, media, and references. In the serene cocoon of Belmacz, with the glimmer of Muggenburg’s own handmade jewellery designs in the corner of every display, it becomes an oddly harmonious collection”
— Maisy Skidmore, AnOther Magazine (review of The Conformist exhibition 2016)


“Belmacz is one of my favorites — a London-based gallery curated by artist and jewellery designer Julia Muggenburg”
— Olivia Singer, Into the Gloss

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